29" x 29"


Digital Pigment Prints on multiple layers of assembled translucent fabric



I photograph digitally, most recently with an iPhone camera, and often print on translucent silk with a large format professional inkjet printer. Using archival inks, I print the image on four or five individual translucent silk panels. Layering the panels creates density. Layer by layer I sew the panels together with one-stitch knots, strategically aligning the image to control focus. I also consider how the fabric, once hanging, will gently move in air currents. Once all the layers are assembled, I hang the work and fine tune how the work moves. This painstaking process takes many weeks.

 My work has long explored notions of loss and memory. Unstaged photographs of family and friends attending funerals, gravesites and visitations. The homes of those who have passed away. The multiple layers of translucent fabric shift and move, changing the focus & intensity of the image. Creating a dreamlike landscape, allowing the piece to constantly change, as memory and life often does. This series “Absence” shows my father’s deathbead. Taken immediately after the funeral home took him away, traces of his presence remain in the creases and markings on the bed. The fabric registers all that remains, his absence.