Washington, D.C.
Dist of Columbia

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My practice lives in the space between painting and photography. It combines an intuitive way of mark making with intentional decision-making. While the work conforms to the rigid rectangle, the images themselves are organic and gestural. In the studio I manipulate and recycle once-finished paintings by soaking them in photographic chemicals, scanning fragments and printing them. I use these paintings both as points of departure and tools for future work. Through these various processes, I am able to capture specific moments in the making by creating visual artifacts of the process and practice. This way of working grows from my interest in the space between action and intention, where consideration is given both to the concept of the work and the physical gestures that occur in the making.

Recent and upcoming projects include a solo exhibition titled "Forever-is composed of Nows-" at Gallery 102 in Washington, DC and "Ecology of the Studio" at Plateau Gallery at Greenhouse in Berlin, Germany. For more information or to schedule a studio visit, please email Cassidy at cassidystudio@icloud.com 

All work by Cassidy

Cassidy Garbutt
2016, Various sizes, Archival pigment prints on canvas