January 21, 2014.

A decade after they first sat down to dinner in front of paying audiences, The Feldman Dynamic returned, in this - the project that started it all. Brian Feldman's real life family (comprised of him, his Mom, Dad and sister) sat down to dinner together on stage and discussed their daily drama. That's it. There was no script and no rehearsal. There was also no video recording of any kind. This concept is to only be experienced live and in person. Unlike in 2003, when the entire family lived together in Florida, The Feldman Dynamic is now separated by a distance of four states and 888 miles. This was also the first classic staging (proscenium style) in over 6 years. "More so than previous editions of The Feldman Dynamic, this dinner had some dynamite plot twists." (Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly) "So "What does all this mean?" It means… existence." (Carl F Gauze, "If you didn't know about The Feldman Dynamic, you missed a personal, unplanned slice of life and some great food! It was theater as life." (Thomas Thorspecken, Analog Artist Digital World)

Photo: Dave Plotkin.