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Artist's statement

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I am Briana and I am currently a graphic designer working professionally on Capitol Hill. 

I have a certification in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and I also freelance graphic design aside from my day job as a designer. In my spare time I independently fund, host, and curate art shows for youth 18-24. I am determined to create a space in which yound and upcoming artists of any medium can feel secure with their art and themselves enough to share with the public. I like the raw and uncut version of the Districts art scene and that's what I see everyt time I throw an art show.

For more information about BLINK Art Shows and Perfoamances visit: www.blinkartdmv.squarespace.com 

The next show should be in January. Feel free to contact me regarding comissions and/or donation to BLINK art shows. 

All work by Briana