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At the core of my practice is the desire to recognize the potential in the public space that surrounds us, that might be overlooked or taken for granted. My installations are attempts to activate and appreciate this space, prompting viewers to participate more with the urban landscape they encounter everyday.

I’m drawn to saturated color, geometric shapes and bold design. I use whatever supplies I can get a hold of to execute my vision, often working outside the range of traditional sculpture materials.

The sculptures I create are experiential, immersive and whimsical. Through a combination of material and scale I encourage people to reconsider the way they perceive the mundane and fantastic elements in their lives.


All work by Becky

Becky Borlan
2016, 12’ x 2’ x 2’, Copper, wire
Becky Borlan
2016, 6’ x 4’ x 4”, Plexiglas
Becky Borlan
2016, 7’ x 23’ x 1”, Plastic
Becky Borlan
2015, 34’ x 16’ x 3", Steel, plastic, wood