Immersive performance




At the travel bureau in Aarhus city center you can explore the concept of happiness. We offer sensous performance art, feel-good music and endorphin-stimulating taste bombs that make your happiness barometer go through the roof. Drop in – and come out with a smile on your brain!

Inside the agency you can immerse yourself in experiences with all your senses. Or you can go all in; book a ticket and go on one of our all exclusive guided tours – a safari into the State of Happiness. HAPPINESS UNLTD has some of Denmark’s absolute leading happiness engineers to guide you through the journey.

Economists, politicians and coaches worldwide are concerned with how to improve their country's happiness index. They desperately try to figure out which carrot can get the donkey to move forward. But in Denmark it is going the wrong way! Help us cultivate new, potential hunting grounds for happiness experiences. What does it take to get us out of the mud and back on top of the list? What is happiness really? How can it be measured? And what happens to our self-understanding when happiness is put into formula and becomes a commodity?

HAPPINESS UNLTD is produced by Kassandra Production in a co-production with Bora Bora, and in collaboration with Performing Arts Platform and Gastro & Vino.

The production is supported by the Danish Arts Council and The City of Aarhus.