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I'm a performance artist and producer working internationally. In my work I challenge conventional norms of identity, gender, positions, perception, values, preconceptions and conventions. Using theatre, dance, multimedia and performance art I strive to visualise these invisible mechanisms that play such critical roles in our lives and societies.
In my work I also explore the use of unconventional performance spaces and locations. In addition to traditional theatre venues and galleries, I've staged performances in private apartments, caravans, fairs, in the street and supermarkets, abandoned factories, in the media and on the Internet.
In the recent years I've developed my performance work in public spaces and created some controversial interventions such as the artwork firm ”Resource optimization” that appeared among other places at a career fair in Copenhagen, using the media ‘circus’ as my arena.

I founded Kassandra Production in 1998, an artist-driven interdisciplinary platform for contemporary performing arts based in Denmark. Working as the artistic director of Kassandra Production I've produced and directed over 25 productions at the intersection of theatre, dance, multimedia and performance art.
I've performed, toured and presented my work in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, Finland, Greece and U.S.

Washington Times wrote:
“'Let's Get Personal'
Annika B. Lewis bills her one-woman show, "Let's Get Personal," as "an absurd report from the happiest country in the world, with a personal commentary ranging somewhere between blind angles and clear views."
Although this country does not exist, Miss Lewis' description of it closely resembles the United States, where success comes from a carefully calculated fusion of self-help, self-promotion and self-deception.
Miss Lewis stars as an insanely chipper productivity expert who, in between politically charged monologues, leads the audience in satirical breathing exercises designed to help them reach their truer, deeper selves (which are, in the end, as gullible as their falser, shallower selves).
With its emphasis on programming people to be orderly and efficient in their personal and professional lives, and its reference to "Newspeak," "Let's Get Personal" is a darkly funny riff on George Orwell's "1984."


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Annika Lewis
2012, performance
Annika Lewis
2012, performance