Washington-Lanier Heights
Dist of Columbia

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That is beautiful which is produced by internal necessity, which springs from the soul." Wassily Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 1910. A deep love of nature growing up near the Bavarian mountains, inspired and informed my artwork. Using a bold and vibrant color palette, and working in various mediums: oil, watercolour, and cut-paper collage, my work focuses on the creative and dynamic force between nature and the human emotional experience. 

My first significant body of work Paper Cut-Outs was completed in Berlin in 2005, and consists of over 100 unique and original abstractions of flowers. Inspired by Matisse's medium of drawing in color, the flowers are presented as multifaceted symbols of fertility, beauty and life. The individual flowers are watercolour painted layers of cut out paper, creating a three-dimensional effect. A more recent series from 2013 entitled Eruption are atmospheric abstracts that show the drama, fluidity, and metamorphoses of nature. Using a process in which poured colors from a limited palette, create a spontaneous, multitude of dynamic colors and patterns.

An MFA graduate of George-Washington University, and a native of Germany, I have lived and worked in Berlin, and currently reside in Washington DC in Lanier Heights.

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Anneliese Sullivan
2013, 12"x12", WC ON FINE ART PAPER
Anneliese Sullivan
2016, 30"x22", ACRYLIC/SUMI INK