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Anne M. Machetto
Artist Statement

Prior to 1990, I tried many things such as jewelry making, crafting small clay ornaments, and creating flyers, posters, and greeting cards?primarily using artist markers. I decided to purchase a good camera and try my hand at that, and discovered the joy of creating art with my camera. For some years now, I have devoted most of my artist time to photography. I studied photography at the College of Southern Maryland in recent years, and have worked some with film cameras and darkrooms, but I work mostly with digital cameras these days. Photography is a wonderful way for me to channel my artistic energy. On a foggy morning, I will often get out of house early in the morning and search out spots where there are farms, water scenes, trees?or I will try to catch an interesting sunrise. As I drive, I will imagine frames around various scenes. Once I find a good location, I will stop and begin shooting. Other times, I have found interesting lighting in late afternoon, and that has provided some interesting subjects.

I like the combination of sharp and soft lines or simply soft meditative scenes? or even scenes with sharp contrasts and bright colors. I generally carry 2 cameras?one set up with a wide angle lens, and one with a telephoto lens, so I can catch shots on the fly if I see something special and don?t have time or space to set up.

Scenes will catch my eye that have some interesting component, such as an old barn, or an awesome reflection. I have some favorite places that always seem to provide interesting subjects. Southern Maryland has many wonderful spots.

In 2005, I also had an opportunity to go to India and was able to get some nice photographs there. On one occasion, in India, I found a young girl ?with attitude? that I could not resist, although photographing people is not my thing?and I also found an awesine Ashram that was ?abloom? in splendid color! However, many of my pieces are subtle scenes hidden in fog.

I am most often drawn to things that are serene or calming, having a quiet beauty or structure?I think there is so much violence and harshness in our society that I like to draw from the softness, or that with cheerful color.

Sometimes I go out on a photo ?trip? not even knowing what I am looking for?but I know it when I see it! That is the artist?s eye, that puts frames around otherwise ordinary things?

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Anne Machetto
13x19, Photography
Anne Machetto
13x19, Photography