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Gomez's work investigates the internal and external spaces we inhabit as human beings. Using illusionistic patterns and figural forms to represent both literal and metaphorical space, he creates settings that induce an inner and outer body experience. This is a constant transition that our consciousness undergoes. A transition that is manifested every time we wake up and fall asleep, day dream, use our phones, watch a movie, etc. How do we engage with literal space and formless space? Can we separate body from mind? These are the curiosities that Gomez strives to address in a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms.


All work by Alexis

Alexis Gomez
2017, 16 x 6 x 6 in, 3D scan laser cut in acrylic
Alexis Gomez
2016, 16 x 16 in, oil on panel
Alexis Gomez
2016, 11 x 9 x 9 in, ceramic
Alexis Gomez
2015, 40 x 40 in, acrylic and oil on canvas