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My body is the starting point for all of my work. Through Photography, Sculpture, and Interactive Sculptural Installations, I explore the body’s ability to function as a mark-making tool; its ability to communicate thoughts and emotions through gesture, movement, and body language; the body as form; as well as the malleable nature of physical identity. I allow myself to be directed by my physical impulses; I have an insatiable urge to fit into small spaces. When presented with a foreign landscape I immediately need to make myself a part of it: my reclining body becomes a mountain in the landscape, a thirty-foot long braid of blonde grass connects my body to the sandy dunes, an oversize powder-puff becomes the tool I use to make it appear as though I created the snowfall on a hillside. Photography captures these moments of transformation and connection - when the body merges with its surroundings, the moment when a dance or movement becomes a drawing, the magical instant when the figure becomes a character in a fairytale. As I begin to feel more at one with my own body, my focus shifts from my interaction with objects/places/others to calling attention to the viewers’ body; giving the viewer the opportunity to interact with the artwork encouraging them to learn and create new memories through direct physical experience. I want my artwork to make the viewer aware of their presence in space, to challenge and modify their movement, and to encourage the use of the body as a means of communication and connection.

All work by Alessandra

Alessandra Torres
2014, 16" x 24", Digital C-Print