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Do you know that moment between sleeping and being awake? My mom always calls that blurred line between consciousness and sleep 'twilight'.  I loved that phrase because it seemed the perfect way to describe the sometimes emotive experience of waking up from a dream and recounting the surreal stories and mythical landscapes of memory.  My artwork is a form of personal exploration into Twilight. 


As a mixed media artist, this involves studying narratives - personal and otherwise- and translating them using color and form into paintings, assemblages, and collages.  This meditative practice has led me to explore a wide range of subjects using a variety of mediums - from mixed media works studying memory and ancestry to simple autobiographical acrylic impressions evoked by travel or personal life events.  

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All work by Adam

Adam Chamy
2016, 24 x 18 x 2, Acrylic on Birch Panel
Adam Chamy
2017, 48 x 36, Mixed Media
Adam Chamy
18 x 24, watercolor, ink