Artist's statement

Full Artist's statement

I don’t believe in staying creatively comfortable, or in pleasing someone else’s idea or art.  My guide is change, experimentation and staying open to all types of art impressions.

I’m attracted to simple shapes and colors to create two and three dimensional environments. Form repetition for me reflects the mysteries of design, and more deeply our need to develop our own reverberating nature.

Normally I use acrylic on canvas with bold colors and strokes. However I believe in experimentation and will change the materials and style as needed. 



All work by Ada

Ada Ghuman
2014, 18"X24", Acrylic
Ada Ghuman
2014, 16"X12"", Oil Pastel, Acrylic and Composite
Ada Ghuman
2014, 10"x12", Mix Medium
Ada Ghuman
2014, 30X36, Acrylic
Ada Ghuman
2013, 18"X24", Acrylic