Board of Directors, Washington Project for the Arts

About WPA Board

Each year, WPA's Board of Directors makes a selection of work to include in the auction exhibition from artists who have participated in WPA exhibitions, artists whose work is included in the WPA ArtFile Online, artists who have exhibitted in the community or whose work they simply admire. The works chosen reflect a variety of interests and perspective, from those deeply engaged in the community to those who purely have an abiding passion for art and creativitiy. The artists whose works are included inthis section represent a wide specturim in terms of duration of practice and exhibition history as wll as style and medium. Duly noted, this vast breadth of perspective is exactly in keeping with WPA's mission–serving artists at all stages of their careers and giving each an opportunity in the spotlight.

Selected Artists

Polly Apfelbaum
Sondra Arkin
Eames Armstrong
Joan Belmar
Pat Burns
Graham Caldwell
Tim Doud
Deborah Ellis
Janis Goodman
Edel Gregan
Allen Hirsch
Karen Hubacher
Charles Philippe Jean Pierre
Sunhee Kim Jung
Cary Leibowitz
Nate Lewis
Laurel Lukaszewski
Dalya Luttwak
Patrick McDonough
Linn Meyers
Maggie Michael
Greg Minah
Georgia Nassikas
Leslie Nolan
Cara Ober
Cory Oberndorfer
Danny Simmons
Eve Stockton
Michael Crossett, Aaron Schifrin & Kenny Wine